Responsive Classroom

I am so incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to learn about and implement the Responsive Classroom approach in my classroom.  I believe that in order to build a caring learning community, is essential to first establish a safe and positive learning environment that values respect and trust.  As a result of my experience with implementing the Responsive Classroom approach into my classroom, I firmly believe that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum. 

For additional information about the Responsive Classroom approach, please visit the Responsive Classroom website for more information:

Morning Meeting

Each morning our school day begins with a Morning Meeting.  During our Morning Meeting, we gather as a whole class.  We have the opportunity to greet each other, share, participate in a Community Building Activity, and read aloud the morning message together.

Morning Meeting definitely sets the tone for respectful learning and helps to establish a learning community that values respect and trust.

Logical Consequences

Everyday in my classroom, I model positive language and respect.  When responding to misbehavior, I respond in a way that respects my students.  My overall goal regarding discipline is to guide my students to recognize the effects of their actions and to ultimately support them to develop personal strategies for success and to learn to make positive choices next time.

Types of logical consequences in our class:

Take a Break: If a student expresses behavior that indicates that he/she needs a break, she/he will visit our Vacation Table. A student may leave the Vacation Table once she/he is ready to be respectful.

Loss of Privilege: If a student misuses a classroom material or demonstrates disruptive behavior during a classroom activity, that student will lose the privilege of using the material and/or participating in the classroom activity.  The privilege will be restored once the student demonstrates respectful behavior and earns the privilege back.