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Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) Assessments:

Fourth grade students are scheduled to take their language arts, mathematics, and social studies CMAS assessments in April.  Fourth grade students will take their CMAS assessments in their homeroom classroom.


Sleep: We encourage students to get their recommended 8+ hours of sleep.

Eat: Remember, healthy breakfasts feed strong minds!  Students are welcome to bring their regular healthy snacks to school.

CMAS Information

Please feel free to go to the following links to learn more about the CMAS assessments.  Students and families are encouraged to take the CMAS practice tests.

Learn more about the CMAS assessments at

CMAS Practice Tests

Learn about the kinds of items and format used by participating in the CMAS Practice Tests by going to the following link:

Reminder: On the CMAS practice tests, remember to specify fourth grade, the subject content area, and computer-based practice test.