My.CherryCreekSchools.org is an amazing website that houses and provides access to online resources that are available to students, families, and educators in the Cherry Creek School District. https://my.cherrycreekschools.org/LoginPolicy.jsp

Spelling City is a wonderful website that provides online activities for students to learn weekly spelling words and new vocabulary.  The weekly spelling lists will be available on Spelling City.  Click on the corresponding unit, week, and story that is indicated on your child’s spelling pre-assessment.  For example, the spelling list for week one will be “U1W1 Because of Winn Dixie” (found towards the bottom of the lists). Now, get ready to some enjoy fun online spelling activities!  https://www.spellingcity.com/mchambers5/

Qwerty Town is an interactive website that teaches keyboarding, an essential component of literacy for today’s students.  Learning is self-paced and rewarding!  Get ready to experience learning on Qwerty Town and the “keys to life!” http://go.qwertytown.com/